Electric Winch System 

Deck Machinery Electric System Upgrades –
Pole-Change Drive to Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

EYDE Mooring Solutions can offer upgrades of existing pole-change electric drive deck machinery including older VFD systems.

Why should you upgrade?

• Smooth operation
• Less motor brake wear
• Less mechanical component wear
• Possible to use 1-speed industry standard electric motor


• No need to replace existing motor
• No need to replace existing controller
• No need to replace existing switch cabinet

The existing contactors or old VFD unit will be replaced with a new VFD unit. This will be connected to the existing motor cables and controller cables. All components will fit into the existing cabinet.

Other possible upgrades:
• 3-speed motor can be replaced with 1-speed standard motor
• 3-speed controller can be replaced with stepless controller
• Wireless radio control can be added
• Simple back-up system can be added

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